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Written by Jaffer Manek
Tuesday, 18 January 2011 18:38
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The new format of the Affilica Update is a tremendous improvement, both as regards lay-out and content. It will contribute to Affilica's growth and a better sense of belonging to a modern group of advisors within the Affilica member firms. - Jos Peters, Merlyn International Tax Solutions, Netherlands

I like the lack of pretension; very little repetition; the jokes. - Richard Fox, UK

What I like most about Affilica Update is how global issues are presented. These are educating and informative. It brings the professional world together as a community and thereby removes the gap between the different professions. The brain teasers and jokes are very refreshing indeed. - Camilla Shittu, UK

Greetings, I just had to drop you a note to compliment you on your most excellent Affilica newsletter. A super mix of marketing, humour, news and information. I get about 50 newsletters and write three. Yours is by far the best quality and the most enjoyable - including mine! Very Best Regards, Graeme England, Edenvale, South Africa

A "good mix" and easy on the mind; a pleasure to spend five minutes reading. - S J Ball, Guernsey

New ideas. - Bashir Malik, Pakistan

Variety of Information and humour. - Ashok Gudka, UK

Wide coverage of perspective around the world.- Tan Hock Hin, Malaysia

Humour, professional news, tips. - Sofyan Syafri Harahap PhD, Indonesia

Its variety and humour. - David Cook, Spain

The articles are more interesting and varied than a lot of other professional newsletters I receive. - Angela Pearce, UK

Information about what's going on and new members information. - Claus Securs, Germany

Networking, information on striking news on the profession, mind teasers and jokes. - Gregoris Demetriou, Cyprus

Brain Teaser, funny stories, sayings, and of course financial matters. - Rev. Frederick Tusingire, Uganda

International information about professionals and SMEs. - Laurent Ginet, France

Its presentation. - Ibn Sina Academic Research Centre, Mauritius

Bright  breezy, informative and easy and enjoyable to read. - Brendan Reilly, Ireland

Interesting management stories and case studies. - Helena Koon, Hong Kong

Variety, interesting. No Western garbage, just good international stuff. - Mwika Nyangibo, Kenya

The most I like is the news about accounting and auditing industry. - C.P. Julián Garza Rosales, Mexico

The variety of subjects and international approach. - Jale Ozturk, Turkey

Hearing others' situations/issues and judging global markets. The Banter included with the magazine to keep it from becoming too serious. - John A. Wescott, UK

I like to read Affilica Update because it's a good way to start the day, informative and interesting. - Brenda M King, New Zealand

I am a recent subscriber to Affilica Update and find it enlightening and entertaining. Congratulations on your good work - it is getting better all the time. - John Ram, UK

Tips, advice and humour. Also the potential to contact other accountants throughout the world. - Simon Lever, UK

News of developments in the professional world and opinions. - K Audit, UAE

Its international focus. - Richard King, Australia

Information on global level. - Barbara Stechnij, USA

It's useful to know what is happening to the accounting profession all over the world. It's also a pleasure to read articles contributed by fellow accountants to learn of the lighter side of their professional life. - George Yeung, Canada

International connections. - Julian Bower, UK

Humour, members details, useful info. - Wendy Beauchamp-Ward, UK

Exchange of business info. - M.Irvin Boncamper, Nevis, St.Kitts

Easy Reading and useful tips. - Mazhar Jasani, UK

Affilica Update is interesting and the jokes are amusing. It makes a good read. - Ian Grocholski, Paris, France

I like to read Affilica Update because it keeps me in touch with our associates overseas. - Phil McCarthy, Australia

I like to read Affilica E-Magazine because the information comes with humour. - Brian Trent, Chalfont Management Services, UK

The taxation comments, info and the jokes. -  Maria Jose Ocampos Bracho, Spain

It is overall an excellent magazine. - Chris van Rensburg, South Africa

Affilica Update # 139
Circulation: 23,858 practising accountants and lawyers in 110+ countries


Expertise for Profitability 

Manjeet Oberoi, owner of law firm in New Delhi, visits Ramu Iyer - accountancy firm in Dubai  

Met at Affilica seminar last February, now discussing referral of clients' out-of-country work.   

New enquiries - can you handle them?  

"One of my clients is looking to setup a VC Fund / PE fund in Hong Kong. We are looking for an introduction to a capable and competent professional firm experienced in handling Fund set up in Hong Kong. - Enquirer from Mumbai, India "We have a very interesting international start up client which will be setting up manufacturing facilities in India and Algeria. They need an introduction to an internationally able tax accountancy practice to oversee its fiscal operations."
- Enquirer is a London law firm  Response

"Our clients are interested to have a financial licensed company in Hong Kong. They are Russian citizens with wide experience in the banking sphere - bank owners for ten years. Any financial companies for sale? We want to buy or register a company with MSO license (CCE). Do you provide such services?"
- Enquiry from Russia  Response

"We have a UK Ltd which brings in business and the INDIA Co that does most of the development work. INDIA Co invoices the UK Ltd regularly. However, the two companies are not merged. We are looking at a set-up with a holdings company being the shareholder of both the UK Ltd and INDIA Co. India has very particular laws and the new government is making things even more complicated it seems. We would ideally need someone with expertise on India and offshore activity. Would you know anyone or could help us in finding someone with the specific expertise? Next we need to find the most tax-efficient and sustainable structure for this. Who will be the most appropriate member in Affilica who I can refer this to?
- Enquiry from UK  Response

Affilica International membership brings credibility and enquiries for professional practices who want to build a better client portfolio for a better prosperity.


Renminbi or Yuan ? 

"Renminbi" is the official name of the currency introduced by the Communist People's Republic of China in 1949. It means "the people's currency"."Yuan" is the name of a unit of the Renminbi currency. Something may cost one yuan or 10 yuan.

Converting an enquiry into a fee-paying client

Receiving an enquiry does not automatically result in getting that enquirer’s work. How Affilica members communicate and how they follow-up an enquiry is a crucial skill worth developing. (Affilica management coach Affilica members).
  When enquirers ask you for a quote, they are indirectly trying to find out if you are the right fit for them. The way an Affilica member responds, the way you talk to them, makes all the difference. Naturally, if an Affilica member does not have sufficient in-depth expertise in the industry sector or the technicalities of the enquirer’s problem, the enquirer cannot be blamed for not engaging the Affilica member to solve their business problem.
  Moreover, if the Affilica member does not speak the enquirer’s language or is unable to relate to the enquirer’s cultural approach, an engagement is unlikely. That is why diversity at each Affilica member practice is essential.
  It is imperative to telephone the enquirer even if it means an expensive international telephone call. Just an email reply to the enquiry is not sufficient to result in a fee-paying assignment. Voice contact is second best, face-to-face contact is the ultimate. Skype on-screen is useful. Do not forget that the enquirer is at liberty to send enquiries to many other professionals.
  Stimulating and receiving enquiries is one thing, but converting enquiries into a fee-paying client is a separate issue.
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Long term Affilica membership

Congratulations to three members who have renewed their membership for so many years. It is good to see they benefit on an ongoing basis.

15 years member of Affilica:
M A Vasi Chartered Accountants - Dubai

11 years member of Affilica:
Clarence Assurance - Australia

10 years member of Affilica:
A. Salam Jan & Co - Pakistan

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Next Affilica Seminar

Shanghai, China - 23 October 2015

Who: Owners of accountancy firms and law firms with clients doing business in other countries

What: Meet to refer clients' out-of-country work to each other

Where: Sofitel Shanghai Hyland, Nanjing Road, Huangpu, Shanghai

Why: >>>Clients from overseas are setting up business in China. They want introduction to an appropriate professional in China.
<<<Chinese clients are setting up business overseas. Keep hold of their local work by referring their out-of-country work to an appropriate professional.

Cost: Free of charge to invited Shanghai professionals (senior partner, owner of audit/law practice)
Invitation- click here

To make your presentation and meet the invited Shanghai professionals, you need to take Affilica membership - click

This seminar in Shanghai is the part of Affilica's B.R.I.C.S. programme
   B razil
   R ussia
   I ndia
   C hina
   S outh Africa

Entrepreneurs from these are the fastest expanding economies are opening businesses near you. They can be your new clients. Have you positioned your firm well to attract their professional work? Join Affilica

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Affilica International is an interactive alliance of independent firms of Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, Tax Experts and Business Consultants who refer their clients' out-of-country work to each other. Worldwide marketing stimulates new client enquiries and provides global status.

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Accountants and lawyers are in a position to refer their clients’ out-of-country professional work requirements to you. However, ultimately it is the client who decides whether to engage your practice.
Clients with sizeable business have an instinct about putting their future in the hands of a stand-alone practice, especially if located far away. They feel comforted when they see your practice has group answerability as a member of Affilica International. Apply for Affilica membership to overcome their reluctance to engage your practice.

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Affilica International is an alliance of independent firms of Accountants, Auditors, Lawyers, Tax Experts and Business Consultants who refer their clients' out-of-country work to each other. "Affilica Update" circulation is 24,000 practise CPAs and lawyers in 100+ countries.